Authentic Indian restaurant in Bothasig, Cape Town.

Prana Roti and Curry
If you love authentic Indian food and you live in Bothasig or surrounding areas, this quaint little restaurant in Centurion Centre, De Grendel Road, will undoubtedly become one of your favourite stops on your way home from anywhere. Prana Authentic Indian Cuisine is owned by husband and wife team, Colin and Sharon, whose love for cooking is evident in the dishes they serve. From the first bite of...
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5 Benefits of being on the beach in the morning

LifeStyle Health - Benefits of being on the beach first thing in the morning
There's a reason why it's common for meditations to have the sound of beach waves in the background.  Listening to the sound of beach waves can alter the brain's wave pattern lulling an individual into a deeply relaxed state. If you make it a habit to be on the beach, especially in the morning, you can rejuvenate your body and mind for the whole day.  Below are the other benefits of spending mo...
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How to make that first date less awkward: 5 simple rules

LifeStyle Health - How to make that first date less awkward
Is your first date coming up with someone you may really like? It's normal for you to feel excited and just a little bit nervous. Below are some tips that can help you do away with any awkwardness on your first date. Figure out if you’re more of a conversationalist or if you prefer external activities where you don't have to speak too much, such as a walk along the beach or watching a show. ...
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The 5 health benefits of garlic you may not have known about

LifeStyle Health - Health benefits of garlic
With its pungent tang, garlic is the “cherry on the top” of many savoury dishes. But its tangy taste isn’t the only reason to include garlic in your diet. Here are some of the lesser known health benefits of garlic. Garlic can prevent sore throats and colds Garlic strengthens the immune system and has a natural anti-bacterial component helpful in protecting you from any possible common sor...
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New babies and dogs: How to get them to get along

LifeStyle Health - New babies and dogs
Animal lovers know that their pets are part of the family. An important part. For many parents, their dogs are their first babies. But when it’s time for babies of a human nature to come along, there’s always a concern about the new dynamics. Does “sibling rivalry” between babies and pets actually exist? While the answer is “yes”, there’s nothing to be alarmed about. It’s natural for a gentl...
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Take the pain out of varicose veins

LifeStyle Health - Take the pain out of varicose veins
Varicose veins, also referred to as spider veins, are those enlarged dark-blue or purple veins that commonly show up in the legs, carves, and thighs. They may also come in a twisted, lumpy and bulging form. While some people who struggle with varicose veins are concerned about the appearance, others are plagued with the discomfort and pain that it brings. Varicose veins can cause painful sympto...
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The 5 biggest health benefits of a vegan diet

LifeStyle Health - 5 biggest benefits of a vegan diet
Are you considering becoming a vegan? The reasons for people adopting a vegan lifestyle are as varied as the number of vegans that exist. Whether your reason for choosing a plant-based diet is for health reasons or for your concern for animals, there are a number of added benefits to a vegan lifestyle. Here are 5 of the biggest health benefits of a vegan diet. 1. Weight loss Vegans are, on ...
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Beauty products you may find in your pantry

LifeStyle Health - Beauty products you may find in your pantry
The Beauty industry is a mega-million rand industry. Lately, however, there’s been a change in focus to cheaper, more natural beauty products, many of which you would find in the food aisle at your local supermarket. Take a quick look inside your pantry. You may be surprised to find that some of the items could easily become part of your daily beauty routine. Apple Cider Vinegar Not only a...
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The Reluctant Vegan: Getting healthier AND kinder – it’s EASY

LifeStyle Health - The reluctant vegan
I’ve been eating largely a vegetarian diet since I was about 7. Over the years I’ve become a healthier, stricter vegetarian as I’ve learnt more about nutrition and my body. Giving up meat was easy. Firstly I’d never really liked meat much and secondly it was an emotional, visceral decision for me. As a child growing up with lots of different pets and a love for animals I felt at a gut level it ...
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The pros and cons of online dating

The LifeStyle Health Blog - Pros and cons of online dating
If you've been living the singleton lifestyle, chances are you've considered online dating. Maybe you've even already tried it. After all, there's always someone who knows someone who's found the perfect partner on a dating site, so why not you? More than 1 million South Africans try to find love online every year so if you've been dabbling in online dating, you're amongst the brave 2% of our p...
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